2009 – Norway

I was in Norway a few times during 2009.
Winter in Oslo

I was in Oslo around Christmas time.

12 photos.


I spent Christmas with my family at Sotra.

13 photos.

Caba San Lucas

2009 – Mexico

I went on a cruise from LA to Mexico in October, 2009. We stopped in Puerto Vallarta and Cabo San Lucas.
Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is on of the most popular tourist destinations on west coast of Mexico

17 photos.

Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas is at the southern tip of the Baja California peninsula. It is known for white beaches, abundant marine life and the distinctive sea arch El Arco de Cabo San Lucas.

11 photos.


2009 – USA

From my new base in New York City, I made several trips around the country.
Chicago, Illinois

I spent the 4th of July weekend in Chicago, birthplace of the skyscraper.

44 photos.

Fire Island, New York

Fire Island is a long and narrow island off the coast of Long Island, facing the Atlantic. I spent a weekend there in August.

18 photos.

San Diego, California

I spent two days in San Diego after my cruise to Mexico in October.

17 photos.

The High Line Park

2009 – New York City, USA

Photos from New York City.
High Line Park

The High Line was built as an elevated freight railroad on the western side of Manhattan. The tracks have not been used since 1980, and have now been turned into a park.

12 photos.


Downtown is the area on the southern tip of Manhattan. Wall Street, Brooklyn Bridge, Chinatown and World Trade Center are some of the attractions.

8 photos.

Central Park

A chilly, but sunny, December day in Central Park.

17 photos.


2009 – Quebec, Canada

I went to Montreal for the US Memorial Day weekend. Quebec is mainly French-speaking and has a more European feeling than the rest of North America.

Montreal is the second largest city in Canada, and the largest in Quebec. It is a wonderful city with lots of attractions and friendly people (very different from Paris).

32 photos.


2009 – Caribbean

After a one week cruise on Freedom of the Seas, I travelled to Jamaica, Cuba and Dominican Republic.
Freedom of the Seas

Together with two friends, I went on a one week cruise on Freedom of the Seas, currently the largest cruise ship in the world.

12 photos.


The cruise ship stopped at Royal Caribbean's private beach resort, Labadee, in a fenced off area in Haiti. I also ventured into Cap-Haïtien, the second largest city the country.

22 photos.

San Juan, Puerto Rico

The second stop for Freedom of the Seas, was San Juan, Puerto Rico.

12 photos.

St. Martin/Sint Maarten

The ship also stopped at the world's smallest island that is divided between two countries.

13 photos.

Kingston, Jamaica

I stayed a few days in Kingston, the capital of Jamaica, and one of the murder capitals of the world.

16 photos.

Havana, Cuba

I was 4 days in Cuba's capital, Havana. Once a beautiful city, decades of communism and embargo have left much of it looking like a war zone.

44 photos.

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

My last stop on this Caribbean vacation was the capital of the Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo. This city was one of the first European settlements in the New World.

20 photos.

New York City

2008 – New York City, USA

I moved to New York in August 2008.

New York has one of the busiest harbors in the USA.

13 photos.

The Olivia

In august 2008, I moved into an apartment in the building called Olivia, next to Madison Square Garden. From there, there is a fabulous view towards Downtown and Jersey City.

21 photos.


2008 – Latvia

During a weekend trip to Riga, I also made a trip to the city of Jelgava south in Latvia.

Jelgava was the capital of the Duchy of Courland.

10 photos.


2008 – Eurovision tour

I drove with a friend from Oslo to Belgrade in Serbia to see the final of the Eurovision Song Contest. On the way, we stopped in Prague, Bratislava, Budapest and Timisoara.
Bratislava, Slovakia

We stopped in Bratislava for a few hours on the way from Prague to Budapest.

8 photos.

Budapest, Hungary

We stayed two days in Budapest.

14 photos.

Timisoara, Romania

We also stayed a night in Timisoara in Transylvania, Romania.

8 photos.

Belgrade, Serbia

The southernmost stop on the trip was Belgrade in Serbia, host to the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest.

14 photos.


2008 – New Zealand

I visited Auckland, Wellington, Rotorua, Waitomo and Picton in March, 2008. It is such a beautiful country, and I am definitely going back another time.

Auckland is the larges city in New Zealand, with over a million inhabitants.

16 photos.


Wellington is the capital of New Zealand, and located at the southern tip of the North Island.

15 photos.


Rotorua is well-known for geothermal activity. The area is dotted with hot mud pools, craters, geysers and hot thermal springs.

19 photos.


Waitomo, with its many caves, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in New Zealand. I saw the caves on foot and in a boat, and I also rafted through one of the caves.

16 photos.


I did a tandem skydive over Picton, which is located at the northern tip of the South-Island.

14 photos.