1999 – Tunisia

Spring vacation to the coast of Tunisia with my boyfriend, Erik, from 4 to 10 May, 1999. Besides swimming in the Mediterranean, we also travelled around the country.

We stayed in Hammamet, a tourist infected town at the north-eastern coast of Tunisia.

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Tunis and Carthage

From Hammamet, we made a day-trip to Tunis by train. Just outside the capital of Tunisa is the remains of the old Carthage.

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On the road

We also hired a car and travelled all the way south to Sahara - about 12 hours of driving. There were several very interesting places on the way.

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Sand and camels...

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Masai Mara

1993 – Kenya

While working as a UN soldier in Somalia, I went on many shorter trips to neighbouring Kenya.
Masai Mara

In May 1993, I went on a safari to Masai Mara, a national park in Kenya.

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1992-94 – Somalia

From December 1992 until March 1994 I was working as a UN soldier in Mogadishu, Somalia. The United Nations Operation in Somalia (UNOSOM) was established to end war and starvation, and counted about 30,000 soldiers from all over the world.

The Norwegian mission numbered 74 soldiers to start with, and was doubled after 6 months.

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When I was working as a driver at the Military Intelligence Office, I got a chance to see most parts of the city.

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Rural Somalia

I also had the chance to see more of Somalia than just Mogadishu.

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