2000 – Aegean Sea

Erik and I had a one week holiday in the Aegean Sea from during the spring.
Chios, Greece

We spent most of the time in Chios, the fifth largest of the Greek islands.

19 photos.

Çeşme, Turkey

While on holiday on a Greek island, we took a ferry over to the coastal town of Çeşme in western Asia Minor (Anatolia).

6 photos.


1996 – Central and Eastern Europe

In August 1996, I spent about two weeks travelling throgh Europe by car with some fellow students from the Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration.

We started by driving from Bergen to Oslo, then going by ferry to Kiel in Germany, and then driving more or less non-stop until we arrived in Italy.

4 photos.

Former Yugoslavia

After a night in expensive Venice, we decided to travel east, where everything is cheaper.

8 photos.

Czech Republic

We stayed a few days in Prague on the way back home.

3 photos.