2010 – Canada

In August, I rented a car and drove to Canada on holiday.
Quebec City, Quebec

Quebec City is one of the oldest cities in the Americas, and the only remaining fortified city walls that still exist in the Americas north of Mexico.

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Montmorency Falls, Quebec

12 kilometers northeast of Quebec City is the 84 meter high Montmorency Falls.

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Ottawa, Ontario

Ottawa is the capital of Canada, and the fourth largest city of the country. While the city is located in the English-speaking Ontario, its twin city on the other side of the Ottawa River, Gatineau, is in French-speaking Quebec.

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2009 – Quebec, Canada

I went to Montreal for the US Memorial Day weekend. Quebec is mainly French-speaking and has a more European feeling than the rest of North America.

Montreal is the second largest city in Canada, and the largest in Quebec. It is a wonderful city with lots of attractions and friendly people (very different from Paris).

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2004 – Ontario, Canada

The weekend before Halloween, I left New York to visit Toronto in Ontario, Canada. From there, I also visited the Niagara Falls on the border to the USA.

Since the 1970's, Toronto has been the largest city in Canada, currently with about 4 million people. The city is the administrative capital of Ontario, and is probably most known for the tallest structure in the World, the CN Tower.

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Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls are located on the border between Canada and the USA, and it is one of the most popular tourist attractions in North America. The falls can be observed from boats that go all the way into the roaming masses of water, helicopters that fly over the falls, tunnels that run under the water and from several observation towers.

11 photos.