2007 – Мозамбик

(English) On my tour of the southern Africa, I stayed a few days in Mozambique, one of the poorest countries in the world.

(English) Maputo, by the Indian Ocean, is a city with more than a million inhabitants.

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Cape Town

2007 – ЮАР

Я был две недели в Южной Африке в 2007 году.

(English) From what I had read, I expected Pretoria to be "a calm and affluent city with wide, jacaranda-lined avenues". Well, that was the past.

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(English) Almost five years after my first visit to the Mother City, I found that it was still as charming as before.

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2003 – Марокко

Я имел праздник в Марокко с Кристофером в марте 2003. Это было первой неделей Иракской войны. Мы посетили Касабланку, Марракеш и Рабат.

(English) Most of the time we stayed in Casablanca - the largest city (officially over 3 million people, unofficially even more) and the business center of the country. My first welcome was being pickpocketed.

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(English) Rabat, the capital, is only an hours train ride from Casablanca. It is a smaller city, more peaceful and cleaner. We explored the medina, the old kasbah and government buildings.

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(English) While Rabat and Casablanca are coastal cities, Marrakesh in in the highland, close to the Atlas mountains. The new part of the city actually look more civilized than Casablanca, but the medina is very big and an interesting place to explore.

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Cape Town

2002 – ЮАР

В октябре 2002, я посетил Южную Африку. Я остался большинство времени в Кейптауне, и также путешествовал в Мыс Доброй Надежды, Стелленбош, Город Солнца и Иоганнесбург.

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Капский полуостров

Мыс Доброй Надежды, находящийся на самой южной оконечности Капского полуострова. Здесь открывается завораживающая картина, об интересной жизни животных, а также великолепные пейзажи. Там живут обезьяны Бабуины, а в океане обитают киты и пингвины.

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Сан Сити

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Национальный парк Пилансберг.

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Walvis Bay

2002 – Намибия

Я посетил эту красивую страну в октябре 2002.

(English) I arrived in Namibia through Windhoek, but drove off to the coast on the first day. Two days later I returned and stayed over one night. It is a beautiful city, in particular during spring time.

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(English) I started by driving over the highland, through the desert and towards the coast. I also found the special Walwitchia plant, and tried a sky dive over the Namib desert.

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Западное побережье

(English) Walvis Bay and Swakopmund are stongly influenced by the Germans. Walvis Bay is also home of about half the flamingoes of Southern Africa, and at Cape Cross there is a large colony of Cape Fur Seals.

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Roque Nublo

2002 – Гран Канария

Я был на каникулах с тремя друзьями на Канарских Островах в августе 2002.
Роке Нубло

Мы поехали в верхней части Роке Nublo.

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Mount Sinai

2000 – Египет

?В декабре 2000, Андре и я провели две недели в Египте.
Шарм Эль-Шейк


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(English) One hour by bus from Sharm el-Sheihk is the hippie town of Dahab.

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Джабль Муса

(English) One night we climbed the Jabal Musa mountain, where Moses alledgedly received the ten commandments. We saw the sun rise from the top before heading down again to the Monstery of Katherine.

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